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Power Flush and Thermal Imaging

Power flush

Power flushing from £255.

Power flushing your central heating system can improve efficiency and extend the life of your boiler and heating system by removing debris and contaminants, a powerflush is particularly effective if your radiators no longer get as hot as they used to

When carried out in addition to your regular servicing schedule, significant efficiency savings can be made.

example of power flush unit

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging from £150.

Thermal imaging can help you determine if there are potential problems for energy efficiency in your home.

Once you survey your home you will be better prepared to improve the energy efficiency of your home and potentially improve your energy costs.

Energy efficiencies can be obvious like single glazed windows or they can be caused by less obvious problems like air leaks and moisture. Finding problems such as wet insulation can also help you spot leaks and prevent other problems such as mould.

Thermal imaging is also invaluable for locating hidden leaks.

examples of thermal imaging

example of thermal imaging device